Marketing Help for Swimming Pool Builders

Not Selling As Many Pools As You Want?

Are you tired of price-fighting with “low-baller” pool builders, while inferior and unworthy competition steals their unfair share of the business?  Then maybe it’s time for you to TURN THE TABLES and give yourself the marketing advantage that you rightly deserve.

With the right marketing system, you can end the frustration of lost deals, wasted advertising $$ and an uncertain future. Are you ready to dump the “me-too” marketing strategies, and start writing your own ticket to success?

Start using a system that’s PROVEN to WORK in the pool industry.

We don’t care whether you’re selling gunite, shotcrete, fiberglass, vinyl-liner, cast-in-place, CMU / cinder block, on-ground pools or above-ground pools.  Custom or cookie-cutter; High-end or “budget-friendly”; Renovations, Remodels, Hot tubs or Service. It really doesn’t matter. What matters is this:

There’s a RIGHT way and a WRONG way to market your business.

And frankly speaking,more than 95% of the business owners out there are doing it WRONG. But that’s GREAT news for you, because when you become the rare 5% using this tested and proven marketing system, you’ll end the frustration of wasted ad spending, late-night anguish and disappointing results.With the right marketing system, you can “write your own ticket” for creating the business and income you want.

Are you still experimenting with “I’ll figure it out myself” marketing?
(How’s that working out for you?)

Sure, you could probably come up with your own “marketing system” to promote your pool company. But to create a system that WORKS, you should plan to invest at least 10 to 20 hours a week researching and studying all the latest marketing books, tools, trends, social media methods, etc., and then make your best guess on which of these you think is going to work best in the pool industry. THEN you’ll have to invest several hundred thousand dollars testing your ideas, to see which ones work, and which ones were, in fact, a complete waste of money.

After three or four years of your time, money, angst and effort, you’ll probably come up with at least a few ideas that might work fairly well for your business. But with all due respect, the odds of you creating a system that comes even remotely close to kind of success OUR program delivers are exceedingly slim.

We’ve already done all the work.
We’ve tested and proven it with HUNDREDS of other pool builders.
We KNOW what works in the Pool Industry.

After nearly 10years of studying, testing, measuring and adjusting our “Marketing for Pool Builders” program, we’ve come up with a simple three-step formula that works time and again to help pool builders sell more pools. We call it “The Pool Builder Marketing System: 3 Steps to Monopolize Your Marketplace.” While there are many dozens of details, strategies, tricks, tactics, tips, rules and guidelines, the program, in essence, really boils down to this:

  • “Have Something Good to Say” (Identify Your Unique Advantages)
  • “Say It Well” (Tell the World Your Story)
  • “Say It Often”(Automate Your Lead Generation, Communications and Follow-Up)

When you get “inside access” to our Pool Builder Marketing System, you can stop guessing which strategies makes sense for you.  You can stop spending nights and weekends trying to figure out which of the newest marketing methods you should adopt.  You can stop worrying about whether or not you’ve got your marketing programs pointed in the right direction. And you can stop “throwing ad dollars at the wall” to “see what sticks.

Are you ready for success?
Then consider taking any one of the following “no-risk” next steps:

We also offer, on a select and limited basis, Comprehensive Marketing Services where we take care of ALL ASPECTS of your marketing system, so you can focus on doing what you do best – Designing & building pools.

We believe in “No Pressure, No-Risk” consultations.
Just call us at 877-634-8787 (18-PROFITS-UP!)
to see how MYM Austin can transform your business.

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